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What Do You Think of Youtube’s Redesign?

14 Dec

If you’re interested in the  Youtube.com redesign, then check out The New York Times article about the widespread backlash against the changes.

I spend an ample amount of time on Youtube looking for videos to embed on client’s websites and  I do miss the old willy-nilly look and feel of the site. Somehow I trained myself to navigate gracefully through all of that viral video clutter.

But now Youtube  looks like most other web properties: corporate and sterile.  I guess I am really mourning the loss of web site design circa 2005.

Here’s a really amusing quote from the New York Times piece about the impetus for Youtube’s design changes. The writer is talking about how Youtube did not make the changes with its users in mind, but instead with money on its mind:

“The more important audience lies in the advertising, media buying and television businesses, among the executives who have been watching homemade videos accrue millions of views and crying in anguish, ‘Nobody’s making any money off of this!’ They probably don’t even mind that they’re not making money; they just wish that someone were making money.”

(Related: In the past I’ve written about homogenous-looking social media logos.)

Photo credit: skippyjon

An exercise in minimalist design

21 Dec

I was wowed by this post on A2591.com today. They take well-known brands and strip the packaging design down for each. The results are stunning!

For most of the brands featured, I like the middle design the best. For the Redbull packaging  I like the orignal version the best.  I think the checkerboard background is what makes a can of Redbull look so fun. For the Lindt chocolate, I prefer the ultra-minimal version. What do you think?

3 Recent Blog Posts

13 Dec

I have been doing so much guest-blogging that I’ve neglected to post any exciting new content on my own site! Here are some recent posts:

Top 10 Lamest Excuses for an Inconsistent Blogging Strategy
I am guilty of the same inconsistent blogging strategy mentioned in this recent guest post for SmartBug Media. If you have a million reasons why you aren’t updating your business blog, definitely read this post for tips on maintaining a more consistent strategy. There’s also a sweet Dilbert comic involved.

8 Holiday Greeting Card & Invitation Designs
It’s not too late to print holiday cards or invitations. Most commercial printers can turn those projects around in a matter of days. The holidays are a perfect excuse to reach out to current and past clients. You don’t have to make an offer, you can just wish them a happy holiday or new year and stay top-of-mind. Check out these eight cool card designs for inspiration.

Is Your Design User-Friendly? 5 Questions to Ask
Here are five critical questions every designer should ask themselves while working on a project. These questions are meant to mimic the logic that web developers use when they determine how “usable” a piece of software or an app interface is.

Recent Blog Posts

28 Sep

I blog for Psprint.com about graphic design, printing and the freelance lifestyle. Here are some of my recent blog posts from blog.psprint.com. Please click-through to read the posts in their entirety.

Interview: Print and Design Before Computers

I recently came across a quote from renowned graphic designer Milton Glaser: ”The computer is to graphic design what the microwave is to food.”

This quote got me thinking. It made me wonder what graphic design was really like in the days before computers.

Do computers just speed everything up, or do they dramatically change the design process? Did Glaser intend a negative or positive connotation when he compared computers to microwaves…?

6 Inspiring Sculptures for Graphic Designers

Sculpture is a lot like graphic design in its use of scale, negative space, form and line to make a big visual impression.

The use of texture, shadow and the special setting or placement of a sculpture can all create dazzling effects. Take some design inspiration from these impressive works of art…

Top 4 Logo Design Pitfalls

Logo design is a mysterious process. Sometimes that perfect design can evade you for days and days and then magically appear. Or you may find yourself with no new ideas, carving out a logo from the clients’ notes on what they like or want in the mark.

No matter where you fall in the logo design process, here are some common pitfalls to avoid. Use these as guidelines or a check list to make sure you are on the right track…

4 Cool Design Elements from Magazines

Reading magazines is such a fun pastime. If a layout is interesting, it can make a story pop. Some of my favorite magazines in terms of design and layout (not counting design magazines because that would be unfair) are Wired, New York Magazine, GOOD and Real Simple. I also enjoy the consistency in design of magazines such as Vanity Fair , Vogue and The New Yorker.

There are many ways in which magazine design can influence other graphic design work on brochures, annual reports, websites, e-mails and newsletters. Let’s take a look at some of the intricate elements of magazine design and see how they can work elsewhere…