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A Handwritten Note in the “Original” Inbox

7 Jul

Image via Flickr user dcJohn

I am a social media marketer. As I see all kinds of small business clients gaining immediate traction on social networks and through blogging, I know that social works for a lot of organizations.

But sometimes traditional marketing works well too. Here’s an example. I recently took my dog Jackie to a new kennel while out of town for the weekend. The place we usually go to was all booked up for the holiday weekend, so we chose Kennel Nirvana based on some Google reviews and the fact that they even had space left so close to a holiday weekend.

We had a great experience at Kennel Nirvana. The people were lovely and knowledgeable and the dog was comfortable from the moment we dropped her off. As any pet owner knows, it can be tough to find a great boarding facility for your pet’s needs.

Then today, a few days after Jackie’s visit, we received a note card in the mail. The card stock was thick and elegant, and inside was a handwritten note on the Kennel’s stationery.  The note thanked us for our visit, asked us to share any thoughts or criticism about the kennel and encouraged us to refer friends. Inside the card were a few business cards that the note suggested we pass out to friends.

This handwritten note sent to what I like to call the “original” inbox, otherwise known as a mailbox, worked wonders. It reaffirmed the positive feelings I had about the Kennel and encouraged me to spread the word the next time I am at the dog park or with friends.

I think this is a great example of how a traditional tactic can really help your small business marketing efforts. When everyone else is doing Facebook and Twitter it becomes kind of old-hat for your customers to interact with companies on these networks. Nothing beats a handwritten note, not even a direct message.

Email Marketing Report

28 Sep

I recently had the privilege of writing a chapter about email branding for this extensive report put out by the editors at DirectmarketingIQ.com. It’s called “All About Email Creative: Trends, Best Practices and Case Studies.”

The 75+ page report includes chapters about subject lines, design, B-to-B email, industry trends and a bundle of case studies. The other authors who contributed to the report are veterans of direct marketing like Bob Bly, Gary Hennerberg and Ivan Levison.  Any email marketer would be wise to pick up a copy of this.

Filled with countless examples, more than 20 charts, several case studies, and privileged knowledge from top email marketers, “All About Email Creative” is must-reading for any marketer involved in email and cross-media campaigns. -via DirectmarketingIQ.com’s online bookstore.

E-mail : Mail : E-mail = Greater Response

7 May

If you are not already trying this in direct marketing, you should. For big campaigns, where every response matters- send a string of related communications: an e-mail, mailing, and then a follow-up e-mail. This “bookend” approach to the campaign will greatly increase the chances that recipients read and reply to your messages.  More details on 3 step bookend campaigns here.

photo via Flickr user mark_rutley

Ever Wondered What WORKS in E-mail and Direct Mail?

4 May

Have you ever had to put together copy or design for an e-mail, postcard or direct mail marketing campaign?

If you don’t have a history of testing within your organization, (and sometimes even if you do) it’s hard to know what works. It’s also hard to decide if an image-heavy or text-heavy message will work, without knowing what the competition is sending out. I mean there’s only a few seconds of opportunity for a consumer to open and read your message. If it looks the same as every other piece of mail or e-mail it will get tossed.

Well over at DirectMarketingIQ.com- they KNOW what companies are e-mailing and mailing to prospects! Through their E-mail Campaign Archive and Who’s Mailing What Archive, these folks collect thousands of e-mail and direct mail campaigns per month from leading companies and organizations.  They are literally sitting in a pile of mail packages and tracking stats and trends. Then they write candidly about trends on the Direct Marketing IQ website. So these are some pretty great resources for folks in direct marketing to check out!