Rel=Author May Be SEO’s Newest Signal

18 Oct

SEOs have been chattering about authorship as a potential new ranking signal, since the HTML 5 specifications were first released in 2011. Although HTML 5 is not going to be finalized for another few years, many of the markup language’s new features are already supported by leading web browsers and in use by web and software developers.

One of the new features that HTML 5 allows for is a rel=author tag, which tells a web browser that a certain individual is the author responsible for the content on that page. This tag will put a face behind a name, showing an author’s head shot and byline when a piece of blog or web content comes up in the search results.

Authorship goes hand-in-hand with many of Google’s recent algorithm changes, all of which focus on serving up more relevant, higher quality search results. It seems as though attributing authorship using this rel=author tag will let engines like Google know that the content is authentic, high-quality and written by a real person (and not spun or ghost-written).

I can imagine searching on Google a year or so from now, and only ‘trusting’ content that appears with a real photo and byline. In a few years, I can imagine a SERP where every piece of blog content and news has a photo and byline.

If you want to get a head-start and begin integrating authorship into your blog and content marketing strategy, visit these helpful resources:

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How Mozy Online Backup Compares with On-Site Backup

15 Oct

Businesses and organizations today are working with and storing more data than ever before.  Whether you are in education, healthcare, retail or professional services, every step of your workflow may now involve a digital component.

So, how does your organization protect critical documents, sensitive customer information, and valuable intellectual property? Businesses that backup on-site on a server or hard drive risk devastating data loss due to regular occurrences, such as hardware malfunctions, natural disasters, or human error. Organizations that suffer data loss are exposed to operational, financial, regulatory, and even legal problems.

To reduce these risks and realize greater data security, businesses are increasingly turning to online backup services like Mozy. Below are some of the main benefits of replacing a manual backup process with Mozy online backup:

1. Save Time

Implementing Mozy is a quick and easy way to reduce data security costs, whereas conducting on-site backup involves an initial hardware investment and ongoing maintenance. With on-site backup, there is also an opportunity cost of allocating employee time to performing backup duties. On a per gigabyte basis, using a third-party cloud provider such as Mozy is more cost effective, since cloud providers realize extensive savings due to redundancies in technology and staffing.

2. Increase Security

As a small- or medium-sized business, it is nearly impossible to realize the same high security standards that a leading provider like Mozy can offer. Backing up online with Mozy means your sensitive information is transmitted using encryption and housed in secure state-of the-art facilities. Mozy will continuously detect new files and automatically back them up. Managing backup online with a leading online provider decreases the risk of data loss due to human error and equipment malfunctions.

3. Promote Productivity

Mozy is easy to implement on any computer, tablet, or mobile device in your organization. Once installed, the software will automatically back up sensitive data, saving your business valuable time.  Web-based administrative tools allow any member of your team to retrieve data or install Mozy software to a new device. The entire system is accessible online and features robust search functions, so employees can locate and restore data to a device via any secure internet connection. Your employees will always have access to the files and information they need to get the job done.

4. Stay Current and Compliant

Industries such as health care and financial services, and any business conducting financial transactions, must follow regulatory guidelines for data transmission and storage. Those managing backup on-site need to stay current with constantly changing industry and government regulations. Failure to meet regulatory guidelines can result in crippling penalties and steep fines. An online backup provider like Mozy will provide regulatory expertise and the right technology to keep your organization compliant.

What are your organization’s biggest data security and backup challenges? Please share any questions or thoughts about switching to an online backup provider in the comments!

Infographics, Pandas + Bikes!

25 Jul

Panda on Bike

  • Check out the latest Student Experts blog post about marketing with infographics.
  • I am staying tuned to Twitter to find out how SEOs may have been affected by Panda 3.9. Google reportedly rolled out changes last night.
  • Finally, my bike died after 15+ years of commuting to school, work, and running errands! Now I am looking for a new commuter bike and considering Jamis, Specialized or Torker bikes.

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7 Helpful Penguin Update Links

17 May

Have you been hearing a lot about Google’s Penguin algorithm update? From what I’ve been reading, Penguin sounds like a game-changer.

This update shows that Google is ready to be aggressive about black-hat SEO tactics in order to change the industry best practices.

To learn more about Penguin, check out these  informative articles and videos below:

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How a WordPess Plugin Site Got Hit by Penguin

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Great Video of Penguin’s Effects on SEO Industry

Please share any related Penguin articles, videos or news in the comments below!

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