A Co-Working Article in The NY Times

5 May

Image via Flickr user stickwithjosh.

Back in December, The New York Times wrote about “Laptopistan,” a trend where members of the creative class could work wirelessly from anywhere. The article actually features a cafe in Williamsburg, Brooklyn that I used to frequent to get a little bit of extra work done outside of the office.

An article in today’s Times (with a seriously misleading headline about Twitter) features  co-working spaces.  The article focuses on one co-working space called Studiomates in Brooklyn, which is inhabited mostly by bloggers and designers.  As I was reading through the article, I realized that I followed many of the Studiomates regulars on Twitter. These are some of the most influential creatives online and they all work together in one loft space!

The article also features General Assembly, a more tech start-up oriented co-working space in Manhattan. Both spaces bring in outside speakers and experts to share knowledge in an TED-like fashion. Workers in both spaces collaborate on projects, network and share expertise.

I really think the co-working trend that’s happening among creatives in big cities will trickle down into regular offices over the next few years. As wireless connections and cloud applications make our work lives more flexible, there’s room to really free up the traditional ideas of an office.

Here are some of my previous blog posts about co-working, freelancing and working in an office.


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