3 Recent Blog Posts

13 Dec

I have been doing so much guest-blogging that I’ve neglected to post any exciting new content on my own site! Here are some recent posts:

Top 10 Lamest Excuses for an Inconsistent Blogging Strategy
I am guilty of the same inconsistent blogging strategy mentioned in this recent guest post for SmartBug Media. If you have a million reasons why you aren’t updating your business blog, definitely read this post for tips on maintaining a more consistent strategy. There’s also a sweet Dilbert comic involved.

8 Holiday Greeting Card & Invitation Designs
It’s not too late to print holiday cards or invitations. Most commercial printers can turn those projects around in a matter of days. The holidays are a perfect excuse to reach out to current and past clients. You don’t have to make an offer, you can just wish them a happy holiday or new year and stay top-of-mind. Check out these eight cool card designs for inspiration.

Is Your Design User-Friendly? 5 Questions to Ask
Here are five critical questions every designer should ask themselves while working on a project. These questions are meant to mimic the logic that web developers use when they determine how “usable” a piece of software or an app interface is.


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