Advances in Multichannel Fundraising

18 May

I’ve spoken to experts and written about the effect Obama’s campaign had on online and multichannel fundraising. Now that Obama for America has revolutionized political fundraising the field looks completely different- compared to just a couple of months ago.

Looking back through my archives, I found an article written in December of 2007 about political fundraising direct mail. Here’s what one expert had to say then:

New technologies and multichannel campaigns have not yet significantly impacted the tried-and-true methods of political fundraising direct mail. “Our industry tends to lag behind the curve in terms of the tactics and the tools that are available,” says Brett Feinstein, partner, Pound Feinstein & Associates, a Richmond, Va.–based full-service fundraising agency.

Who knew that Obama for America would raise half a billion dollars online? I don’t think anyone anticipated the magnitude of that campaign and its impact on future political fundraising. To read more about this- check out the two part article:

The Obama Effect: 10 Takeaways for Multichannel Fundraisers

The Obama Effect Part II: 10 More Takeaways for Multichannel Fundraisers


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