E-mail Program Checklist

4 Mar

Originally published in Target Marketing’s Tipline E-Newsletter
Britt Brouse
Apr 9, 2008

In a recent whitepaper by StrongMail Systems, 20 Quick Tips for Improving Your Email Programs, the authors supply best practices for cleanly deploying ongoing e-mail programs, which are structured mailings with similar content that opt-in recipients expect to receive at regular intervals.

To get the most out of such programs, marketers need to avoid mistakes and obligatory remarketing messages at all costs, because messages with “oops” in the subject line do not get high open rates!

To be sure an e-mail communication is one you’re proud to send, use the following checklist to avoid mistakes; however, you should first customize the list to reflect your organization’s internal approvals and needs.

1. Double-check the data source to ensure recipients are coming from the right source.

2. Double-check queries to prove the count is correct and the segment is as planned.

3. Review content in the most popular receiving e-mail clients.

4. Check for broken links and file naming.

5. Check that the unsubscribe feature is operable.

6. Check for all necessary CAN-SPAM compliance elements. (www.ftc.gov/bcp/conline/pubs/buspubs/canspam.shtm)

7. Send a live test campaign to a test account.

8. Check the subject line and make sure the word “test” or any other nonlive word is removed.

9. Run a final list count.

10. Check the campaign’s start and end dates.

11. Send a premailing alert to internal teams to make them aware of a large mailing.

12. Push send.


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