8 Tips to Boost Response for Postcards and Letters

4 Mar

Originally published in Target Marketing’s Tipline E-Newsletter
by Britt Brouse
Jul 9, 2008

During the June DM Days Conference & Expo in New York City, Terry Miller, marketing programs manager for Citrix, addressed an audience of marketers on how to create direct mail within an integrated marketing mix. In her presentation, Direct Mail Strategies for Integrated Marketing Campaigns, Miller offered the following useful tips for postcard and letter creative:

4 Tips for Postcard Mailers
1. To determine whether or not to use a postcard, and help shape your strategy, first ask these important questions: What is your budget? Are you targeting existing customers or prospects? Is your goal brand awareness or lead generation? How well-known is your company or product? What is your offer?

2. Prospects will identify with, or reject, your postcard’s message within the first few seconds. Create interesting, attractive and easy-to-read postcards to avoid the trash bin.

3. Keep copy bulleted and short, and include a distinct URL or call to action; highlight the call to action in a color like red for greater emphasis.

4. With little room for copy, use one impactful image to quickly and efficiently deliver the crux of your message.

4 Tips for Letter Mailers
1. Letter campaigns are all about the envelope; if the envelope isn’t interesting, then the letter never gets viewed. Create “need-to-open” excitement with enticing copy and graphics.

2. Including a live stamp and/or a company leader’s name, title and return address will make the envelope more personal and could increase your response.

3. Once prospects open the envelope, you have their attention. Now keep it! Carry the same theme from the envelope throughout the letter and package.

4. Use the BRC wisely. While a reply card does lift your overall campaign results, if you expect immediate results, you may want to avoid the BRC altogether and promote a faster reply channel—like online or a toll-free phone number.


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