5 Tips for Saturation Mailings

1 Mar

Originally published in Target Marketing’s Tipline E-Newsletter
by Britt Brouse
Aug 6, 2008

Saturation mail is a way to reach all the households in a given area at a low postage rate. In its whitepaper, Saturation Mail: A “Best Kept Secret” No More, Melissa DATA’s experts explain the benefits of saturation mailings, including lowering your cost per lead by 70 percent, mailing to a targeted audience in the community, and saving 24 cents on First Class and 4 cents to 5 cents on Standard mail rates.

Saturation mail works well for local businesses trying to drive word-of-mouth and in-store visits. Here are a few of Melissa DATA’s tips for prepping a saturation mail campaign.

1. Become a Bulk Mailer
You must obtain a bulk mail permit from your local post office before you can mail at presorted postage rates. You will have to pay a fee when you first apply and when you renew the permit every 12 months.

2. Obtain a Walk Sequence Mailing List
Walk sequence order is the actual sequence that the postal carrier walks the route. Mailing in walk sequence order saves the U.S. Postal Service time and labor, which in turn means a faster and more cost-effective delivery of your mail. To reward you for making its job easier, the Postal Service provides discounts that can slash your postage costs.

3. Target Your List to Match the 90/75 Rule
You can still target and narrow your saturation list, much like a consumer list, using selects such as post office boxes, rural routes, apartments, and residential and business addresses. However, the mailing list must follow the 90/75 Rule, which means you must mail to at least 90 percent of residential addresses or at least 75 percent of the total number of residential and business addresses in a given carrier route to qualify for the maximum saturation mail discounted postage rate.

4. Qualify for Enhanced Carrier Route Rates
To qualify for ECR rates, all pieces in an ECR mailing must meet the basic requirements for Standard mail, be part of a 200-piece minimum mailing and be sorted to the individual carrier routes within a five-digit ZIP code.

5. Ask the Experts
For more details on qualifying for saturation mail rates, visit the U.S. Postal Service’s Business Mail site http://www.usps.com/businessmail101 .


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